Team 5064 Places 5th in Western Canada

Team 5064 at Ernest Manning High School 2015 Western Canada Regional

After three months of non – stop work, Team 5064 spent 4 days in Calgary competing this Easter long weekend.

Teams from as far away as Idaho,  Ontario, and even Mexico gathered together in Ernest Manning high school in what proved to be an incredibly entertaining Recycle Rush!

We were very pleased with our results,  finishing in fifth place and missing the semifinals by only one point! We were also awarded the Creativity Award for our “unique handling of totes in both the vertical and horizontal directions”.



The students and mentors of Opcom Team 5064 would like to thank our sponsors for this year, Progressive Academy and MEG Energy for helping us realize our vision and compete in the Western Canada Regional for 2015.

You can read more about it in the article published by the Edmonton Sun.


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